F.I.E.R.O. Fire Station Design Symposium

September 24-26, 2018 Sheraton Raleigh Hotel

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Registration for the 2018 F.I.E.R.O. Fire Station designs Symposuim is now open. Register early to take adavange of low rates!
Early registration ends August 31!

2018 Design Award Entries

2016 Design Awards

In conjunction with the 2018 F.I.E.R.O. Fire Station Design Symposium, the Fire Industry Education Resource Organization (F.I.E.R.O.) will once again stage its annual Fire Station Design Awards Program to recognize excellence in fire station design and construction or related fire facilities design and construction.

Entry forms and fees are due NLT 5pm Wednesday, August 30, 2018. Click to learn more.


Sheraton Raleigh Hotel

Sheraton Raleigh Hotel
$138.00 per night + tax

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Raleigh FD


IAFC Safety Health and Survival

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The next Fire Station Design Symposium is coming soon. Register now!

How can you build a fire station that's safe, functional, and productive while being a good steward of your community's resources? A fire station is such a key asset and such a big expense that it's wise to get expert guidance straight from the source.

That's how the F.I.E.R.O.(Fire Industry Education Resource Organization) Fire Station Design Symposium came to be.

It has been a hallmark of F.I.E.R.O. to hold programs developed and run by fire fighters. In 2000, F.I.E.R.O. saw a need to bring together fire service leaders, architects, and contractors from around the country to learn from each other about one of the industry's costliest investments and most cost-intensive resources.

That gathering turned into an annual Fire Station Design Symposium that is the best in the industry for many reasons:

  • The country's original fire station design conference features fire service personnel who know from experience the best path to take and the pitfalls to avoid.
  • The symposium remains the premier place to prepare for building effective, safe, and cost-efficient fire stations that meet the needs of your firefighters and your community.
  • The fire station design awards program, judged by fire service personnel who have architecture degrees, highlights the best examples of fire station design from the past year.
  • You will become familiar with the process including: identifying your department's needs, selecting an architect, planning and designing the project, health and safety considerations, getting community support, and more.
  • You'll make contacts with fire service and architecture professionals from around the country who can continue to be a resource after the symposium ends.
  • Whether you're preparing to build a new fire station or renovate an existing one, the F.I.E.R.O. Fire Station Design Symposium gives you the knowledge you need to make the best decisions for your department and community.

Greenville, SC Station One
ADW Architects

Millwood, NY Fire Station One
Ohlhausen DuBois Architects and Stewart-Cooper-Newell Architects

Columbus, OH Fire Station Two

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